6 Tips to Sell in 5 Minutes

Contact a customer and sell you a product or service quickly, did you think it was impossible? Here are some tips for you to do.

There is a very true Chinese proverb that says: "The first 10 words of your presentation are as important as the next 10,000 words." According to Luis Alberto Iglesias, one of the representatives of the agency that helps and advises the entrepreneurs on how to sell and capture a client in the first 5 minutes of the face-to-face encounter, here we have the tips that he advises to do to get a client.

1- Plan the Meeting

Planning the meeting involves analyzing the client, knowing who he is, what he wants, what he needs, how determined he is to want to buy, his attitude and his personal concerns that will allow him to catch up with him. Luis Alberto cites, "the establishment of links as sports, very common in men, so if you find out what football team is, you already have a data to empathize."

2- Your product or service, connect with pleasure

"People do not like being sold, they like to buy; We like to come to help, not to take advantage of us; We prefer that they give us to be asked and, in general, we bother with chupoptera, "says Iglesias. In order to satisfy and convince a customer, you must offer your product or service that gives pleasure to something that motivates you, something that really interests you; Eye not with what gives you pain, therefore you will have to talk about results, achievements, income, etc. Illusion it, but without deception.

3. Deliver the message

well Do not give too much information or talk so much, be clear and concise delivers a slogan or slogan that are easy to remember and understand. Preparing a good message is not easy, so we recommend that you work as a team, the more ideas you have, the better.

4- Remember LESS IS MORE

According to what Iglesias explains, most of the presentations, the problem is because we do not know what to say or tell about our products and / or services, we are under pressure on the need to sell. That is why the advice here is to limit yourself to say 2 to 3 fundamental ideas and repeat them several times so that the client can remember them. What you should do is basically do not overload information to the customer, as it quotes: "Normally, if someone is thirsty, give him a glass of water and not put his head in the pool."

5- Action!

Do not end your encounter with "well, see what it seems and call me for anything" is the worst thing you can do, we are sure that your client will do less "see what you think", the advice is as follows: Take advantage of the opportunity as soon as possible, ie you can say "we talk the next week, I call to see what product interests you, so you can take it for you to see and try it," believe me it is a very good Technique to complete the sale when before.

6- Be bold but polite

In this context, many think that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission, and maybe it is true, nevertheless we must never forget that courtesy and education are fundamental, because to violate a client is the best way to keep him away.