Responsive Design for your Website

What it is and What it is good for us to have a website with this feature, you will find it is this little article.

Many times they have heard about responsive design, but no one knows what it is either, so far no one has explained in detail what it is and the benefits it offers, so I will now show you what this is all about. Technique that I particularly is essential to implement on websites, and why it is good to make sure that your website was created with a responsive web design.

But, what is responsive web design?

Fundamentally, it is when the design of the website responds or adapts to the dimensions of the screen in which it is being displayed. In other words, a website developed with the responsive web design technique measures the height and width of the area in which it is being displayed on the site and adjusts the design of the web page to suit the viewing area appropriately according to The characteristics that from the code the designer established.

The Advantages of Having a Responsive Website

If you have not noticed, the use of mobile devices is growing at an incredible and unstoppable pace, devices like tablets and smartphones have increased their sales in the last two years and Internet browsing reaches 70% in these devices. That's why responsive web design has become so popular this past time, it's a technique that provides a web solution that can handle both desktop and device web visualization.

Finally, did you know that in Wiseloo your website has a responsive design, and best of all you DO NOT have to pay extra for this like other design companies that charge extra for this format ?, incredible no? You are waiting to have your website.