What Color to Choose for Your Website?

We have always heard that the colors transmit something to us, however you do not know what; Here we let you reflect each color for the users who visit your web.

It is well-known that colors are fundamental for people's perception, but that they convey and why it is so important to choose the color that your web site will carry ?, well here we show you, so that what the users perceive of you is What you really want to show.

_Calidity and Warmth: Warm colors associated with fire such as Coffee, Red, Orange, Yellow.

_Fascination and Emotion: The Golden Yellow leaves a lasting, bright and strong feeling.

_Surprice: The Bordeaux, surprising to be little used.

_Feminity, Romance and Youth: The variety of shades around the Rose and Lavender.

_Dramatism: Dark Green, Powerful.

_Natural, Growth: Light Green.

_Tranquility and Wisdom: Purple.

_Confianza and Security: Blue and Turquoise.

_Pure, Simple: White.

_Power, Sophistication and / or Seriousness: Black and Gray.

Have you made up your mind yet? Now you can create or modify your website here